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Key Control and Key Management Systems

key cab 1Have you faced lost keys, re-keying costs or stolen property? Would you like to track key activity? Are you looking for an automated way to manage and track your assets?

Understanding and controlling your keys, property and personnel is essential to the success of any business. Acme Security can work with you to offer your business a total business solution to efficiently and effectively control assets through various key security cabinets that help you mange keys, key assignment, key authorization and control.

Key Security Management Systems are ideal for many types of business.

Some of these include:

  • Car Dealerships: They can be installed in sales and service areas and networked with integration with your dealer management system.
  • Multifamily Properties such as Apartment Complexes: A key management system is ideal for creating and enhancing key control capabilities that give property owners and managers greater control over their properties keys while ensuring only authorized personnel has access to keys.
  • Commercial Buildings: Most commercial buildings have the need to assign numerous keys to various personnel including maintenance personnel, cleaning services, contractors, as well as sales and leasing personnel.

key cab 2Acme Security can design a custom key security management system that is flexible to meet your needs. We work with the top manufacturers of key security management systems. This includes: KeyTrak, and Morse Watchmans.

Key Management Sales & Installation

Acme Security’s expertise can work with you to identify the proper key security management system to meet you specific requirements. To reach us for service simply click here, or call us at 404-835-5000.


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