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assistedliving1As our population ages there is a greater need to have more Long Term Care Centers, Assisted Living and Nursing Homes available. It is equally important that these facilities be safe and secure to protect the elderly residence, the nurses, and the administrative staff. All too often there are headlines about elderly abuse. As such, families want a safe and secure place for their loved ones. Acme Security provides unparalleled security services to the assisted living and nursing home market. Over the years many long term care facilities and assisted living properties have called upon Acme Security to ensure their facility is the safest it can be. Acme Security can provide a comprehensive security plan to ensure your long term care facility or assisted living property by providing specialized high security locks, special door hardware, access control systems, as well as security surveillance cameras to monitor your facility 24 hours a day. A security assessment from one of our qualified security experts can identify areas for improving the resident’s protection from unfavorable behavior.

A comprehensive security strategy includes a plan that covers both inside as well as the outside of the property. For example:

  • Security cameras along with high security locks can control entry providing a safe and controlled environment while giving loved ones piece of mind.
  • Limiting entry by using access cards or keypads allows only guardians, family members, and employees access to the buildings helps ensure that its residences are protected from unauthorized intrusion.
  • High security locks can keep patients and residences out of danger such as accessing medicine or opening a door and wandering outside of the facility or into what could be a hazardous location, such as the kitchen, janitorial, supply closet or another patient’s room.
  • Systems to allow staff members can check in on patients without leaving their station and monitor their movements throughout the facility.

assistedliving3Our goal is to work with you to implement an overall security solution that protect your residences, prevent violent acts, as well as prevent theft and vandalism at your facility. Acme Security can design an economically well-crafted plan and implementation strategy of security products that will protect the residences in accordance to federal and state guidelines.

Acme Security carries multiple types of cameras systems, access control solutions, and high security locks that can economically suite your needs. By making a thorough comprehensive study of your assisted living and nursing home, we can determine the best solution for your budget to keep the residences in your care safe and secure. You can be assured that our focus is Securing Your World.

ACME Security can provide a comprehensive analysis of the institution and grounds to ensure that the facility is properly secure for your patients and staff. Please complete the online survey so we may begin making your facility the safest it can be.


Security Products to Consider for Assisted Living and Nursing Care Facilities:

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