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newhome1Rekeying your newly purchased home should be a first step for ensuring your security. Since you do not know who has the previous owner’s keys or if you even received all the keys when you took ownership. Acme Security can rekey your home as well as offer you a wide variety of lock hardware and high security locks to give your home that special touch while still providing you a higher level of security than normal off the shelf locks. Today’s security technology offers a variety of choices related to door hardware and locks. You can get custom designed locks and handle sets, wireless locks, as well as high security locks that are pick resistant and cannot be duplicated at the local hardware store. As such, rekeying your new home should be a priority.

In addition to making sure your home has high security locks, more and more people are installing camera systems and/or a safe in their home. While purchasing your new home, it may be a perfect time to consider installing a camera system and/or a safe. May times this can be made part of the purchase price or rolled into the home’s financing. Acme Security can help you decide, the best camera system and/or safe within your budget to meet your needs, as well as install and maintain your system.

Acme Security can work with you to implement the best security solutions to meet your needs and life style. Our goal is to provide you the best security options available that offer you the best value for your budget. To achieve this Acme Security can have one of our qualified security experts help you identify areas for improving your homes safety and security. Acme Security will work with you to implement the best security solutions to meet your needs and life style.

As a full-service locksmith and security company, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you choose the right hardware for your residential needs and budget. Acme Security provides fast, professional, reliable service and installation, so you can be safe and comfortable in your new home. Our focus is Securing Your World.

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