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Acme Security is an expert in installing and repairing all door hardware for both commercial and residential customers. Door hardware consists of various mechanisms depending on the application. The main door hardware components are locksets, deadbolts, latches, closers, exit devices, and hinges.

There are three (3) grades of door hardware:

  • Grade 1 – Commercial, highest grade security and durability.
  • Grade 2 – Lite Commercial & High Grade Residential, with excellent security and durability.
  • Grade 3 – Residential, minimum acceptable grade.

The grade specification is established according to the standards of ANSI/BHMA indicate the security and durability of the lockset and door hardware.

Locksets will vary by the type of function it is being used. The some of the main types of functions are:

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  • Entry
  • Privacy
  • Closet
  • Medical Storage/Storeroom
  • Office entrance
  • Classroom.

Other door hardware such as exit devices, and closers also be designed for specific applications and functions. Acme Security’s expertise can work with you to identify the proper lock and door hardware to meet you specific requirements as well as meet ADA and Life-Safety Codes.

Acme Security can support every door hardware manufacturer and brand on the market.

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