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cinema1Security at theaters and movie theaters was many times a second thought or a lower priority, but recent events from movie theater shootings to terror threats has caused both theater owners and movie goers to think more about security, and human life protection. The unique aspect of theaters is that during any given day hundreds of people come and go making it hard to keep track of customers, their intentions, and whereabouts. As such, there are broad range of security needs that be must consider when evaluating theaters.

Providing securing at a theater requires a well thought out solution that is unique to each facility. It requires combining security cameras, correct emergency exit door hardware, locks, and possibly even secure lockers to ensure its guests and employees and their property is safe and secure. Acme Security has over 80 years of experience providing security services to this industry.

cinema2Acme Security can provide a comprehensive security analysis and recommendation to ensure your theater is secure by providing specialized high security locks, special door hardware, as well as security surveillance cameras to monitor your facility 24 hours a day. Your specific security needs depend on many factors. A security assessment from one of our qualified security experts can identify areas for improving the properties safety and security ensuring guests have a pleasant experience.

Acme Security can offer you many solutions. We can help you determine the best security solution for your budget to keep your guests, fans, and employees safe and secure. You can be assured that our focus is Securing Your World.


Security Products to Consider for Your Movie Theaters:

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