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safe1Acme Security has over 80 years of experience working with home owners to provide them a safer home for their family and loved ones. During our long history we have continued to keep up with the latest security technology. As such, an emerging trend is retrofitting or building homes with a safe room. What is a safe room? Simply put, a safe room is a secure, reinforced, well-stocked room where individuals can go to avoid the risks and potential dangers that may arise in other parts of a home.

Safety is a significant issue for every homeowner and eliminating unsafe situations inside the home should be a top priority. Proper installation and usage of electrical and gas lines, carbon dioxide and fire alarms, and window and door locks are all important for day-to-day home safety. But what about extreme conditions such as tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards and even home invasion? These are all examples of severe situations in which families may benefit from a safe room.

When building new, the safe room can play double duty, often serving as a master closet or spacious bath. For retrofitted homes or those desiring a more designated space, it is also a possibility to add on a safe room. Either way, safe rooms of varying sizes all require the same basic components:

  • Smaller interior room that is located above grade
  • Must be quickly accessible from major living spaces
  • Should be tested and able to withstand storm forces of the highest degree yet experienced
  • Must be able to withstand penetration

Also, when building a safe room one should consider the FEMA safe room guidelines and reference the FEMA P-320 booklet.

safe2Acme Security can work with you and your builder to design an effective safe room to meet your specific security concerns and life style. Also, Acme Security will work with you integrate other security products such as cameras, and electric keypads to make the safe room secure and functional. Our goal is to provide you the best security options available that offer you the best value for your budget.

As a full-service locksmith and security company, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you choose the right hardware for your residential needs and budget. Acme Security provides fast, professional, reliable service and installation, so you can be safe and comfortable in your new home. Our focus is Securing Your World.

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