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urgentcare1Urgent Care or Emergency Care Facilities is the latest phenomenon and one of the fastest growing segments in the healthcare industry. Many of these facilities are either standalone operations, managed and/or run by a group of physicians, are and extension of a hospital’s network, or they are part of a pharmacy/drug stores operations. Either way, these medical facilities have unique security requirements compared to a traditional doctor’s office. They usually have more valuable equipment as well as stock medications than the typical doctor’s office. Plus, the clientele is many times a walk-in with no relationship with the physician. These three characteristics alone require great level of security than the typical doctor’s office. In addition, they still must protect patients, employees, and records to comply with HIPPA and other regulations. Depending on the medical profession each office has unique security needs depending on their services.

Acme Security is an expert in working with urgent care or emergency care facilities. Over the years Acme has installed special digital locks, cameras and other security devices to ensure these types of facilities have the utmost security to protect their assets and personnel. Acme Security is uniquely qualified to work with your professional staff and office administration to identify your security requirements and recommend the most economical solutions. Based on over 80 years working with individual firms we understand the various professional operations and how to best secure these operations. As such, we specialize in providing high security locks, special door hardware designed for professional buildings, camera systems, and access control systems to control record rooms and high security areas.

urgentcare2Acme Security is a full service security company with extensive knowledge and expertise. We can work with you to develop a detailed security analysis. There are various security solutions and options available to consider for each medical office environment. You can be assured that Acme Security will work closely with you to carefully choose and design the best security solutions to meet your individual medical office environment and budget. Acme Security provides fast, professional, reliable service and installation. You can be assured that our focus is Securing Your World.


Security Products to Consider for Your Urgent Care Facilities:

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