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retail2Retail stores may make billions of dollars per year, however many suffer from huge losses due to shoplifters, employee theft and robberies. According to the National Association for Shoplifting, $13.5 billion dollars of products and goods are estimated to be shoplifted each and every year. Securing the property requires a well thought out and customized solution combining high-end security cameras, correct door hardware and locks, access controls as well as safes. Acme Security has over 50 years of experience providing security services to retail stores. Both large department stores as well as small boutique stores continue to rely on Acme Security to ensure their stores are safe and secure.

A security assessment from one of our qualified security experts can help identify areas for improving the stores safety and security ensuring customers have a pleasant and safe shopping experience. A couple of main security technologies that stores should consider are:

  • High security locks for display cases and entrance/exit doors
  • Safes for securing more valuable merchandise such as jewelry
  • Keypad locks or access controls to areas that need audited access such as inventory/stock rooms
  • Security cameras to protect both employees and customers

retail4For example security cameras deter shoplifters and if a theft does occur, the shoplifter can be recorded in the act, which can aid in a conviction. There is also a high rate of employee shoplifting, which is hard to prove without an effective security camera system unless they are caught by another employee or management. Another cause of profit loss is called Sweet hearting. Sweet hearting occurs when store employees fail to scan items or provide a discount to their family and friends. A security camera can be placed at and linked to the cast register where the incident can easily be seen on video. Also, slip and falls crimes often occur in stores. Some falls may be a bogus attempt in hopes of filing a law suit. A properly installed CCTV system can deter and prevent these issues saving the store millions of dollars in retail shrinkage reduced insurance premiums and legal expenses.

There are multiple types of cameras systems, safes and high-end locks to suit your store’s specific needs and budget. Acme Security can work with your retail location to perform an in-depth analysis of your needs and suggest the best possible security solution for your budget to ensure your property, employees, and customers are secure. You can be assured that our focus is Securing Your World.


Security Products to Consider for Retail Stores:

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